Work Day at Camp Horizon 07/18/2015:

Meet at Camp Horizon Trailhead at 8:00am.
Goal is to complete Lyle's Loop and the Ridgeline by 1pm.

Team of 2 weedeaters with loppers to address Lyle's Loop.
-Andy Cramb and John Rankin have signed up for this.

Team of 2 with chainsaw to address known fallen trees in Lyles then Ridgeline.
-Kelly Harper
-We need another volunteer to help with this.

Team of 1 weedeater with lopper to address Ridgeline.
-Tyler Branine

We will also bring some more loppers and the blower in the case that a few more people show up.  The more the merrier, and we will ride when we are done.  Just give a shout so we bring enough tools.