Santa Fe Lake

Santa Fe Lake

Santa Fe Lake consists of two sepeate trails.  You must park at the south trail.  Access to the north requires you to cross the creek using Santa Fe Lake Road.  Traffic is fast and will not be looking for you.  Take the first left after the bridge to access the north trail.  Be aware that signage is limited to non-existent.  Plans are underway for a creek crossing and signage.  We are currently working with the land owner to facilite these changes.  More bike traffic will show the land owner that mountain biking is in demand and will help us achieve our goals.  

South Trail 

This trail is currently 1.8 miles with good elevation changes, tight turns, and plenty of rocks. The trail is completely new and is maintained by Kansas Singletrack Society. 

North Trail.

The north side of the creek is longer but with little changes in elevation.  There are some challenging technical sections to watch out for.  


The lake is a park run by the City of Augusta and is open from sunrise to sunset only.  A $6 day usage fee applies to all riders.  $40 yearly memberships are available.  Horses and motorized vehicles are banned per park rules.  

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To view current trail conditions, click .  You will be directed to where you will need to create a free account.  


North Trail 

This trail is currently 5.4  miles with some elevation changes.  




1.  Leave Wichita on Kellogg (US 54) heading east.

2.  Drive 5 miles east of Andover Road to Santa Fe Lake Road.

3.  Turn north. Drive app 1.75 miles north and turn west into Santa Fe Lake Park.

4.  The trail parking lot is the first parking lot on the right.

5.  You must pay a $5 daily fee per vehicle before the trail can be ridden. Drive past the trail head appx .25 miles to the park office.  

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