Miller's Meadow - Currently Closed

Miller's Meadow

Update Mar 2017:  Miller's Meadow is currently closed at the request of the land owner.  We are unsure when it will open.  

Update Feb 2017:  The NW corner of the woods are being developed and are no longer open to cyclists.  The trail has been shortened to 3.5 miles as a result.  


Approximately 3.5miles of tight wooded singletrack, open fields, multiple creek crossings, bridges, concrete slabs, roots, elevated bridge, some jumps, minimal elevation change, hedge-apples, urban artifacts, and bobcats..  The Parking GPS location is N 37  38.996 W 097  10.482.

The trail stewards for Miller's Meadow are Tim Miller and Jerry Bratt; please discuss with them any maintenance or modifications that seem appropriate.

Millers Meadow is approximately 3.5 miles long with many fast sections of trail.  Although there are no major obstacles or serious challenges to Millers, it is fast in many sections and proves to be hazardous to even experienced riders that might have a lapse of situational awareness.

The trail runs opposite directions on certain days.  Runners always run against the bike direction.  Helmets are requiied at all times at the property owner's request.

 Also, local bike shops have had Demo Days at Millers, to allow riders to test ride many bikes that we can't afford.  :)

The rules of Millers Meadow follow the .  Furthermore, as Millers Meadow is on private property, be aware that other activities may be present at any time.  This includes construction, hunting, and possibly gatherings not mountain bike related.  MIller's is located within Wichita city limits near Pawnee and 143rd East. 

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