M4 Ride Announcement

8am, Sunday Oct 25, 2015.


Here are the "rules"


1. The ride is 20 laps at Miller's Meadow. This is not a race. No time or placing information will be kept.  Helmets required. 

2. Riders can ride solo or as part of a team. Teams can be one, two, three, four, or five or more riders.  Solo riders can ride the full 20 laps or can do a 5, 10, or 15 lap option.  

3. For team riders, one member, and only one member, must be on the trail at all times. Riders can split the number of laps up amongst themselves as they see fit. They can take turns, but they cannot ride at the same time.

4.  Each team or solo rider will need to keep track of their own laps. 

5. The ride starts at 8am

6. Riders are not required to stay at the trail when team mates are on the ride. You are welcome to make a trip to QT for drinks and food. 

7. There is no cost for this ride. It is unsanctioned and unsponsered. It is a show and go. All riders accept responsibliity for themselves and their ride.

8. A T Shirt will be available for purchase.  More information soon.

9. Sign up by email me at .  I need to know if you are riding solo or as a team.  If riding as a team then I need all team members names and emails.

10. The ride is unsupported. 


11. The Kansas Singletrack twitter feed will be used for updates up to ride day. You don't have
to be a follower to view the posts. Just bookmark this link:

If you are a twitter user, feel free to follow us:


12.  This year we will be sharing the trail with the KSS open house and membership drive.  All riders should be aware that between 1:00 and 4:00 the trail may non M4 riders on the trail. Please be an ambassador for the sport.


13. Please consider joining KSS by visiting: